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Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Cobalt-60 Therapy Machine

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Cobalt-60 Therapy Machine

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This Theratron Junior (serial no. 15) radiotherapy device was used in Binghamton, New York, at Our Lady Lourdes Hospital from 1957 to 1968.

Technical history:

The Theratron Junior delivered cobalt-60 radiation, a radioactive isotope of cobalt, for the treatment of cancer. Cobalt beam therapy uses deeply penetrating gamma radiation from a cobalt-60 source contained in the heavily reinforced tungsten head. These gamma rays are directed at malignant tumour sites.


In 1951, Canada was the first country to develop cobalt-60 radiation treatment. This cobalt therapy machine was manufactured by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, a world leader in developing and selling nuclear technology for medical purposes.

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Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd
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Ottawa, Ontario
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