BC’s biodiversity in the palm of your hand

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New app helps nature lovers identify hundreds of species along the province’s Central Coast.

By Malorie Bertrand

Ever wander in nature wishing you could identify the different plants and animals around you? Now, thanks to a team at the University of Victoria (UVic), there’s an app for that. Biodiversity of the Central Coast — launched this spring — gives users helpful images and descriptions for 210 plants, 80 birds, 120 seaweeds, 190 marine invertebrates and 20 mammals and reptiles that live in the Great Bear Rainforest along British Columbia’s central coast. Most conventional field guides include nowhere near that variety or number of species.

The free tool is intended for locals and tourists so they can better understand and appreciate the biodiversity of this rich ecosystem, and ultimately support its preservation. The app has already been downloaded approximately 2,500 times.

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