Michel Bergeron: Rapid Molecular Diagnostics for Better Care


Dr. Michel G. Bergeron’s contribution to medical innovation has not only saved countless lives, but is helping battle one of the biggest threats facing modern medicine – antibiotic resistance. His Rapid <1hr Molecular Diagnostics for Better Care identifies microorganisms causing infections using their DNA instead of the slow Pasteur microbial culture which takes ≥48hr, allowing physicians to prescribe antibiotics with precision in real time. Dr. Bergeron was the 2016 Manning Innovation Principal Award winner. At the Manning Awards’ 2016 Innovation Symposium, hosted by Dalhousie Universtiy, Dr. Bergeron shared his innovation story with post-secondary students (listen here: https://youtu.be/QFJ3pfJe7Z4).

2016 Manning Principal Award Winner, Dr. Michel G Bergeron

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