Dr. Mayank Goyal Improves Outcomes for Stroke Patients

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With over 800,000 cases occurring in North America every year, strokes are a huge health problem, which is why 2016 ASTech Award Winner for Technology Dr. Mayank Goyal is dedicated to discovering new and innovative ways to treat stroke victims. Two of his latest innovations are the multiphase computed tomography angiogram (mCTA) and the Brisk Recanalization Ischemic Stroke Kit (BRISK).

These medical breakthroughs vastly improve the efficiency of stroke treatment, potentially saving thousands of lives every year. “When treating strokes, time is absolutely critical and every minute we save greatly improves our outcome,” says Goyal, who is a professor at the University of Calgary.

It’s with this in mind that Goyal set out to create his medical innovations and completely change the way strokes are treated around the world.

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Dr. Mayank Goyal is innovating hospitals two ways: through the introduction of the multiphase CT angiogram which produces reliable images that can be easily interpreted, and through the Brisk Recanalization Ischemic Stroke Kit which streamlines medical procedures.

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