Curating Under Quarantine: Ingenium curators launch a new, digital initiative

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A sign in front of the barricaded museum buildings reads: “MUSEUM CLOSED…Access beyond this point is restricted to on-duty essential personnel only.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the curators at Ingenium have launched a new, digital initiative called “Curating Under Quarantine.”

We are living through a pivotal moment in history, and are grappling with what this means for us — both personally and professionally — and for our communities. For over a month now, curators, like many Canadians, have been ‘staying home,’ adapting to living and working in isolation. Over the coming weeks, we will share thoughts and musings on our current situation, in the hopes that forging digital connections will help to alleviate anxieties created through physical distance and new routines. 

As curators, we are also pondering how to document the experiences of Canadians living through this pandemic. How do we collect history of which we are a part…from our living rooms? Through the Ingenium Channel and social media, we will ask questions, gather stories, and let Canadians share what life under COVID-19 means for them.

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Molly McCullough

Molly McCullough is the assistant curator at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum.