NASA has issued a challenge to the community

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Do you have the programming chops to make NASA's code better? (image credit: Unsplash/Luca Bravo).

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has issued a challenge to its public: increase the efficiency of one of its high-level research software and win $55,000 USD. Many of us forget that NASA also works in aeronautics, not just space. In order to develop cutting edge air planes and other flight tech, NASA begins with simulating airflow using a Fortran code called FUN3D. However, FUN3D isn't able to keep up with some of the simulations its been given. As a result, NASA has issued the competition to hopefully find a solution. Unfortunately, you have to be a United States citizen. Nevertheless, it's a great example of crowd-sourcing a solution.

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NASA has issued a challenge to the community
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