Crystal Radinski - Task-related EEG Coherence as a Marker of Alzheimer’s Dementia

Crystal Radinski

Crystal Radinski - Calgary, AB - Webber Academy

Project: Task-related EEG Coherence as a Marker of Alzheimer’s Dementia


A frequent face at the science fair since Grade 7, Crystal Radinski, now Grade 10, will be heading to the ISEF for the first time. She has previously been recognized with gold medals and special awards for projects surrounding environmental safety.

In the summer of 2016, Radinski volunteered at a seniors’ health clinic and discovered that Alzheimer’s dementia is still a challenge to diagnose due to lack of objective instrumental testing.

She began to research the possibility of using electroencephalogram (EEG) markers as a way to diagnose Alzheimer’s earlier. The research has given exciting results, resulting in a one-year prospective study based on her findings. Her work could vastly improve the life of Alzheimer patients where early detection makes all the difference.

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