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Life in Orbit: The International Space Station

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Permanent Exhibition
Photo of the International Space Station orbiting earth

What is it like to live in space? This exhibition tells the story of daily life aboard the marvel of technology that is the International Space Station (ISS). Find out how the space station stays up in space. Learn how the ISS works -- through the eyes of the astronauts who’ve lived there -- and see some of the items from the Space station like a space toilet and exercise equipment.

Discover how astronauts live and play in a micro-gravity environment (they float around!). Marvel at the important research performed high above the earth, and Canada’s role and place in the international Space program.

Full of interactive experiences for all ages -- visitors can experience what it’s like to climb inside the ISS, try on a space helmet and then take the ultimate “selfie” from inside the space station’s iconic Cupola.

Developed by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum for the Canadian Space Agency.