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Found FBA-2C

Found FBA-2C


  • A Canadian four- to five-seater monoplane produced by Found Brothers Aviation Limited at Malton Airport, Toronto, Ontario from 1962 to 1965
  • Designed as a bush plane, it operated on floats, wheels and skis
  • First prototype was built in July 1960; financial difficulties delayed progress until John David Eaton president of T. Eaton Company Ltd. financed the company
  • FBA-2Cs were used by some Canadian operators; Georgian Bay Airways of Parry Sound, Ontario was the largest
  • It was smaller and more economical than the average bush planes of the time
  • Production of a modernized version of the FBA-2C began in 1997
  • Expedition Aircraft of Parry Sound, Ontario, went out of business in January 2014
  • First flight was on August 11, 1960 (FBA-2A)

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The Canadian-designed-and-built Found aircraft was developed to meet a projected demand for smaller-sized bush or utility aircraft. Two production versions were planned: the 2B with a tricycle undercarriage , and the 2C with a tail wheel. Found did not continue production of the 2B. Twenty-six 2Cs went into service with various uses and met with a mixed reception. In 1986, ten Founds were still listed in the Canadian Civil Aircraft Registry.

The Museum specimen is the aircraft used to complete final certification tests. The Found FBA-2C operated successfully on floats, wheels, and skis.

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Reserve Hangar, Canada Aviation and Space Museum


Donation from Centennial College

This FBA-2C was manufactured by Found Brothers Aviation Limited at Malton Airport, Toronto, Ontario in June 1963. It was the fourth FBA-2C constructed and was used to complete final certification tests for the type, receiving Department of Transport type approval in January 1964. The aircraft was also used by Found Brothers as a demonstration aircraft until 1969, when the company closed due to a lack of financial backing.

In 1969, the aircraft was purchased by Centennial College of Scarborough, Ontario, where it was used for eight years as a ground instruction airframe in the school’s Aircraft Maintenance Technician program.

Centennial College donated the Found FBA-2C to the Museum in April 1979.

Technical Information:

Wing Span 11 m (36 ft)
Length 8.1 m (26 ft 5 in)
Height 2.5 m (8 ft 4 in)
Weight, Empty 703 kg (1,550 lb)
Weight, Gross 1,338 kg (2,950 lb)
Cruising Speed 208 km/h (129 mph)
Max Speed 237 km/h (147 mph)
Rate of Climb 335 m (1,100 ft) /min
Service Ceiling 4,880 m (16,000 ft)
Range 500 km (310 mi)
Power Plant one Lycoming 0-540-B, 290 hp, horizontally opposed engine

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