STEM Education Toolkit

STEM Education Toolkit

A student makes adjustments to the batteries attached to their engineering project

Dig deep into inquiry- and problem-based learning with your students using the STEM Education Toolkit and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The outline below is intended for teachers delivering the Ontario Curriculum to students in Grades 6 to 8; however, the Toolkit can also be adapted for use with any grade level.

How to use this toolkit:

  1. Identify a topic of interest or relevance based on the UN’s SDGs in order to contextualize the Problem-based Design Project for students.
  2. Prepare students for the Design Project by having them complete two or three Skill Challenges of your choice.
  3. Support students as they complete the Design Project by helping them: 
    1. Connect to the curriculum
    2. Design innovative solutions
    3. Create and test prototypes

To support teachers and students through this learning experience, this Toolkit includes:

  • Lesson plans and instructional slides for the Problem-based Design Project and Skill Challenges
  • Student handouts and worksheet
  • Sample Student Evaluation Tools
  • Hand Tool Safety

Series of two photographs showing students designing and building engineering projects.

This toolkit was developed in collaboration with the Ontario Science Centre. Visit the the Ontario Science Centre website to access the entire STEM Education Toolkit to view and download Lesson Plans, Instructional Slides, Curriculum Connections and Worksheets.

Access the STEM Education Toolkit

In collaboration with the Ontario Science Centre.

This project was made possible through the financial contribution of the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Government of Canada under the Canada–Ontario Agreement on Minority-Language Education and Second Official-Language Instruction, 2013-2014 to 2017-2018.

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