The Cygnus Capsule on Approach to the ISS

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The cygnus spacecraft approaches the International Space Station
The cynus spacecraft approaches the International Space Station (image credit: NASA).

On Wednesday April 19, 2017, Orbital ATK's 7th resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS) launched from Cape Canaveral. The Cygnus cargo module was launched atop an Atlas V rocket with over 7600 lbs of supplies and science equipment. Three days later, the module got close enough to the ISS for European Space Agency's (ESA) Thomas Presquet to take this image of the Cygnus capsule on approach. Just a bit later, Presquet and ISS Commader Peggy Whitson used CanadArm to secure the payload and dock it with the ISS.

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The Cygnus Capsule on Approach to the ISS
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