Ever Wanted to be a Rocket Scientist? Learn the Rocket Equation

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An image of a SpaceX rocket launching
The rocket equation: the basis of modern rocket science (image credit: unspalsh).

Ever heard the phrase "it's not rocket science?" Usually uttered when attempting to complete a task that, in relation to "rocket science," should be much simpler. Well, in this article, the Planetary Society's David Shortt gives a short introduction to exactly what rocket science is: the math, the engineering, and how we use it to get to space.

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Ever Wanted to be a Rocket Scientist? Learn the Rocket Equation
David Shortt
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Jesse Rogerson, PhD

As a passionate science communicator, Jesse Rogerson loves promoting science literacy to the public. He frequently represents the Canada Aviation and Space Museum on television and radio, social media, and at conferences. He co-developed a science communication workshop for Canadian science professionals, to instruct them in more effective methods of communicating their science. A trained and practicing astrophysicist, Jesse holds a PhD in observational astrophysics from York University, and recently published a peer-reviewed paper in The Astrophysical Journal. Jesse enjoys riding his motorcycle, board games, and ultimate frisbee.