A Tour of the Solar System

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The average distances from planet to planet in the solar system are measured in the millions and billions of kilometres, which can be very difficult to for the human brain to comprehend. To give you a sense of these distances, Science Advisor Jesse Rogerson takes you on a tour of the solar system spread across the floor of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. 

(Note: the sizes of the individual planets are not to scale in this video).

(Jesse Rogerson, Science Advisor at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, guides you through the Museum on a tour of the planets of the solar system).
The solar system is big, really big. So big that it can be tough to picture just how much space there is from planet to planet. So to help you out, we've built a scale model of the solar system here in the Museum. And we've scaled the distances between the planets accurately to give a you a real sense of how Earth fits into the void. Let's go for a walk.

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Jesse Rogerson, PhD

As a passionate science communicator, Jesse Rogerson loves promoting science literacy to the public. He frequently represents the Canada Aviation and Space Museum on television and radio, social media, and at conferences. A trained and practicing astrophysicist, Jesse holds a PhD in observational astrophysics from York University, and publishes his research in peer-reviewed journals. Jesse enjoys riding his motorcycle, board games, and ultimate frisbee.