Photographic exhibition puts the spotlight on the realities of rural women in Latin America and the Caribbean

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
The Soul of Rurality in Latin America and the Caribbean

OTTAWA, ON, March 5, 2020 - A new photographic exhibition on display at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum hopes to provide a platform for the stories of rural working women.

The Soul of the Rurality in Latin America and the Caribbean portrays women who work the land in Jujuy, Argentina; Pará, Brazil; Antigua, Guatemala; and Treasure Beach, Jamaica, through powerful images of realities that often go untold.

Produced by the Vogue Brazil and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the exhibition aims to make visible the life and realities faced by rural women in Latin America and the Caribbean in hopes of calling attention to their challenges, all while underlining the impact of their work which represents 43% of the agricultural labor force

Each of the 25 portraits taken by Cecilia Duarte with the assistance of Hanna Vadazs serve as reminders of the resilience, sisterhood, courage, and determination of the often-overlooked women whose work has a direct impact on the global food supply. Descriptive panels within the exhibition space further contextualize some key stories within the photographs.

The Museum – one of three under Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation - is hosting the exhibition in its Learning Centre from March 8, 2020 until the spring.

“The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum is committed to showcasing programming representative of the full range of STEAM disinclines – science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Through the powerful images displayed in this exhibition, we hope to give a voice to these incredibly strong working women, and invite visitors to reflect on to the global gender biases that touch us all.”
-Kerry-Leigh Burchill, Director General, Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

"The photographic exhibition is part of IICA's commitment to stimulate and contribute to the creation of solid and long-term public policies that benefit the women who live in rural areas.”
-Dr. Manuel Otero, Director General of IICA.

"The images that the exhibition gathers, in addition to a great tribute to the women of the Caribbean and Latin American countryside, are an invitation to society and the media to get involved, a space to raise awareness of their reality, and the need to shine a powerful light on rural women as a step toward gender equality and empowerment objectives."
-Dr. Jean-Charles Le Vallée, Country Representative for IICA Canada.

“This exhibition forms part of a special project between IICA and Vogue Brazil. Its primary goal is to give a voice to women who are true examples of resilience, sorority, courage and determination, providing them with a platform to share their stories. These women are warriors from Brazil, Argentina, Jamaica and Guatemala. We hope that these images will light a spark in those who view them, like they did for us, and that they will inspire you to turn the spotlight on these women, their causes and their strength.”
-Daniela Falcão, Edições Globo Condé Nast


Christine Clouthier
Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation

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