New exhibition offers unique glimpse at Canada’s treasured transportation artifacts

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Photo credit: Ingenium - Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation

OTTAWA, ON, November 9, 2018— Moving Stories, a new exhibition that launches today at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, one of three museums under Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation, takes visitors on a journey through Canada’s rich and varied transportation history.


Displaying a variety of automobiles, buses, and boats from Ingenium’s national collection, this 10,000 sq. ft. exhibition showcases eleven captivating artifacts that will transport us through time — while offering a glimpse at the stories hidden behind them. Moving Stories showcases old favourites such as the Collingwood skiff Nahma, as well as seldom-seen pieces, including a custom McLaughlin-Buick and a streetcar built in 1874.


Every object — no matter how ordinary — tells a story. Through the exhibition, visitors of all ages are offered a window to the past where they can explore some of the collection’s rarely-seen transportation artifacts, and learn how these artifacts were made, who used them and why. Examining the unique impact that these objects have had on our lives, Moving Stories allows visitors to take a glimpse at treasured transportation artifacts, now readily-accessible as Ingenium prepares to move their national collection into its new home, across from the museum.


Currently under construction, the Collection Conservation Centre will house hundreds of thousands of nationally-significant science and technology artifacts, including the treasured transportation artifacts featured in the exhibit, emblematic of Canadian ingenuity and Canadians’ everyday experience. In addition to increased access to the collection via guided tours, the space will also feature a library and archive, a new research institute, several conservation labs, a digital innovation lab and workshops.

Moving Stories will be on view for the public until Spring 2019.


“We’re thrilled to showcase some highlights of our transportation collection for our visitors. Transportation touches the lives of all Canadians and by exploring the rich stories behind these artifacts, we can better understand where we came from — and where we’re going.”
-Lisa Leblanc, Director General, Canada Science and Technology Museum

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Ingenium – Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation

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