Volunteer Opportunities at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Volunteer at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Project North Star

  • The Museum is home to the world’s last remaining Canadair North Star. To help restore this aviation treasure, we need volunteers who are available two to three days a week (Monday to Friday, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.).

Administrative Help

  • Providing administrative support is a great way for volunteers to gain experience in the offices of a national museum.

Discovery Cart

  • Enliven our popular Discovery Cart, stocked with fascinating objects — from helmets to maps — used by Second World War pilots.

Cessna 150 and Cockpits

  • Help visitors climb behind the controls of a Cessna 150, or into one of the cockpits in the Museum’s jet section.


  • Join visitors on the Museum floor to share your experiences and knowledge from a career in the aerospace industry or the military, or as a private pilot. Aviation enthusiasts are also welcome to apply.

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