Indigenous Star Knowledge Symposia

Indigenous Star Knowledge Symposia: Spring Equinox Celebration with the Heiltsuk Nation

Image: Star Medicine Celebration, painting by Annette S. Lee

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April 28, 2021, 4:00 p.m. Eastern  | 1:00 p.m. Pacific

N̓ála & Bákvḷa

In the Haíɫzaqv language, n̓ála means cycle, season, firmament, day and weather. The Haíɫzaqv are governed by and live our lives in seasons. The sky and weather are supernatural beings intertwined with our bákvḷa cycle. Bákvḷa means to harvest and preserve food for the winter, in line with Haíɫzaqv laws to maintain the natural balance of the world. Learn how the sky, land, and ocean are connected in Haíɫzaqv ways of knowing through the herring, a cultural and biological keystone species.

This special symposium event coincides with the launch of the Bákvḷa Exhibition being simultaneously launched at the Big House in Bella Bella, British Columbia as well at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa. The Heiltsuk Tribal Council and Ingenium are also collaborating on two other exhibitions - Sacred Journey(Indigenous canoe culture of the Pacific Northwest),and One Sky, Many Worlds: Indigenous Voices in Astronomy.

Outline of Presentations:

  • Symposium Welcome and Prayer: Wilfred Buck (Ininew, Cree) and Anita Tenasco (Algonquin, Kitigan Zibi).
  • Explanation of Haíɫzaqv Worldview N̓ála - Ayla Brown (Heiltsuk)
  • Herring & Harvest - Frank Brown (Heiltsuk)
  • Importance of Harvest - Vina Brown (Heiltsuk)
  • Live Q & A (Location: The Big House in Bella Bella, British Columbia).