About the Open Documents Portal

This portal provides access to working documents used by Ingenium.

We offer access to this “internal” information as part of our commitment to openness and transparency. By enhancing Canadians’ understanding of what we do, we hope to make it easier to interact with us.

Most of this information is unpublished. Documents may be in draft form, and are available in the language in which they were created. Ingenium owns all content, unless otherwise indicated.

Other “open” information is also available: the Ingenium Collection, open data, and the Library catalogue.

We are proud to serve Canadians in both official languages, and publish high-quality content in English and French on our websites. We also publish a Corporate Plan Summary and Annual Report in both official languages.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the information in this portal.


Here are tips explaining how to search for files on the website.

Browse by Museum Department

Ingenium information is organized by department. Browse by department to access specific types of information, and apply filters to further narrow your search.

Browse by Subject

Browsing by subject allows you search for information related to our curatorial subject areas. Not all documents in the portal reflect one of these subject areas.

Interpreting Dates

“Date modified” indicates modification of a document or its metadata, and identifies the most recent version. It is updated when the document is put in the system, and when content, formatting or metadata changes.

“Origin date” indicates when the document was originally created, and may predate its entry into the document management system. Not all documents feature an origin date.