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MyMuseum2017 Campaign

The Canada Science and Technology Museum wants you to share pictures of your refrigerator and your house to be displayed in the Technology in Our Lives Gallery. This new gallery explores how we transform technologies and how our lives are shaped by our daily interactions with technology.  

Canada’s diversity is rich, and to demonstrate our varied culture and geography, the Museum wants to know how you live with your tech. The façade of your refrigerator, or FridgeScape, may be a snapshot of your daily life. The way your home is designed and built depends on when, how and where it was created. It’s not high-tech, it’s life-tech, and a reflection of who we are as Canadians.

This is your science and technology, so share it with your Museum!

Your images may be incorporated into the new Museum, opening November 2017.

Take a picture of:

  • your FridgeScape – the outside of your fridge
  • your HomeScape – the outside of your home

Share your pictures for a chance to win a Two-Year Household Membership:

On Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #FridgeScape and #HomeScape to @SciTechMuseum.


Send your images to (attachments must not exceed 7MB).

✓ Include the date and the Canadian city or town where the photo was taken.

How your pictures will be used:

Your pictures may be selected to be projected in the Technology in Our Lives gallery at the Canada Science and Technology Museum and may be shared via the Museum’s social media channels. They may also be included in the Museum collection as part of the domestic technology collection. Should your image be selected for the gallery or to be shared on social media, your email address and other personal information will remain confidential. However, the date and location of #HomeScape photos will be shared in the Museum and via the Museum’s social media channels.

Rules and Regulations:

Photo contributors must be 18 or older on the day of submission.

By submitting, you warrant that the submitted photograph does not, and shall not, infringe on any copyright, nor any rights of privacy or publicity of any person.

By submitting, you grant the Canada Science and Technology Museum the right to use the photograph as part of the exhibition or related products, and the right in perpetuity to use or publish the image in any form without additional compensation.

By submitting your photograph, you hereby consent, both personally and on behalf of your heirs and administrators, to the use, publication, reproduction, distribution and display still pictures or any part there of recorded for the Technology in Our Lives gallery, and any photographic reproduction in which you or your dependents may appear, to be used by the Canada Science and Technology Museum at its sole discretion for the purposes of publicity and promotion.

In accepting your photograph, the Museum may choose to archive it without displaying or publishing it, or to edit the image or caption at its discretion before using it.

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