The Museum Park: An award-winning vision

The Canada Science and Technology Museum is thrilled to announce that its master plan for a future Museum Park was recognized at the 2017 Ottawa Urban Design Awards!

The master plan for the Museum Park is the winner in the “Visions, Master Plans and/or Design Guidelines” category. The winning plan outlines the transformation of a valuable but underused green space – right next to the museum – into a community space infused with science and technology. The underlying idea behind this park is that the museum should provide opportunities to stretch our bodies, as well as our minds, to facilitate memorable learning experiences.

The design of the park – developed with input from park experts, local residents, and stakeholders – will be safe, accessible, interactive, and sustainable. Using a playful mix of hills and valleys, the park will create spaces for the whole family to engage in free play, collaborative play, and sensory play. The park’s existing highlights – the lighthouse and the locomotive – will find new life with enhancements such as added light, water, and ice. Custom-designed play structures that illustrate scientific concepts will make the Museum Park a highlight in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.

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