Rent-a-Tech Facilitator Resources

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Rent-a-Tech Facilitator Resources

Two micro:bit devices encased in crafted paper robots

Learn More about Rent-a-Tech

Find introductory activities, lesson plans, troubleshooting guides, and assessment tools to help you get the most out of your rental.

Digital Literacy Resources

Get started with resources focused on digital education and digital literacy, and tips on how to integrate them into your lesson plans.

Unplugged Activities- Computational Thinking

Explore the basic concepts of programming. Engage learners in coding activities without computers through fun, hands-on activities.

Problem-Based Design Project

Guide students in finding innovative solutions to problems linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Help them create prototypes to model the solutions they have designed.


Use an assessment template that includes curriculum connections, learning goals, and success criteria, specific to your classroom.

Tinkering Tools and Supplies

Review materials and safety guidelines for integrating tinkering tools with your workstation.


Discover activities and tutorials created to help learners understand the many functions of the micro:bit.