Ford GT Mk II

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Ford GT Mk II

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Temporary Exhibition
The Ford GT Mk II race car on display in the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Design without Limits

Car design is usually a compromise between performance and compliance with regulations. Partners Ford and Multimatic decided to design a car with only performance in mind. The result is the Ford GT Mk II.

To create this faster, more agile Ford GT, the design team removed unnecessary equipment and increased the engine output by 200 horsepower. They then added innovative aerodynamic elements that increased downward pressure to keep this lighter, faster car firmly on the track.

The innovative work of the Ford GT Mk II team will surely influence the shape of future vehicles and inspire the next generation of automobile designers.

The Ford GT Mk II features louvred front fenders, a dual element rear wing, and a front splitter which all contribute to down force.

Down-force is a force produced by a combination of air resistance and gravity that acts on a moving vehicle, having the effect of pressing it down toward the ground and giving it increased stability.

  • The car is built in Markham, Ontario, by Multimatic.
  • A high percentage of the engineering on this car was performed by Multimatic, a Canadian company. 
  • The GT Mk II is an important piece of Canadian Automotive history, especially for its technological excellence. 
  • Only 45 Mk IIs will be built. The one displayed at the museum is car #09 and is the first one delivered in Canada.