Bike It travelling exhibition cruises into Naples, Italy


Ottawa, ON, June 24, 2019Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation is pleased to announce the opening of the interactive and immersive exhibition, Bike It, at Città della Scienza in Naples, Italy.

Bike It explores the evolution of the bicycle over the past 200 years. Curated, designed, and built by the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem (Israel) and developed together with Universum® Bremen (Germany), Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation in Ottawa (Canada), and Città della Scienza in Naples (Italy), the exhibition offers three main perspectives on bicycles: the Machine, the Rider, and the relationship between the bicycle’s development and social and environmental issues.

Through interactive displays which engage visitors both young and old, this immersive exhibition depicts the bicycle as a pinnacle of human ingenuity. Bike It allows visitors to revisit the familiar, while discovering lesser-known aspects of the relationship between people and bicycles since the first bicycle was patented in 1817.

The exhibition showcases well-preserved cycles and other cycling artifactssuch as historical films and picturesand invites visitors to challenge themselves through numerous interactive displays, including a wind tunnel to test different resistance levels, a chainless bicycle, and even an upside-down bike station.

Bike It will be at the Città della Scienza di Napoli until April 2020. Following its time in Italy, the exhibition will be on display in Warsaw before continuing on to the Canada Science and Technology Museum in 2021. For more information, please visit:

“We are thrilled to display some of our world-class bicycles on an international stage through this exciting collaboration, which delivers a truly immersive visitor experience. We look forward to continuing to share in the exhibition’s success as it travels internationally.”
- Christina Tessier, President and CEO, Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation


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