TRIG uses Sensors to Increase Safety in Rail Transportation

1980 to present
Calgary, Alberta
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2016 ASTech Award Winner for Innovation in Information and Communications Technology TransRail Innovation Group (TRIG) is revolutionizing a century-old industry with the introduction of new technology. Calgary’s TRIG’s new XLOAD™ electronic sensor brings safety in rail transportation to a new level through its radar technology and unique capabilities.

This increased level of safety affects not only the rail transportation workers, but also the environment. “What XLOAD™ does is allow workers to see inside these rail cars, which otherwise they can’t do,” explains Rob Tasker, CEO of TRIG. “These rail cars carry toxic goods, and opening them exposes the workers and the environment to hazardous materials.”

Seeing inside rail cars is important to determine if all materials have been removed. Without this ability, errors often occur which can be damaging and expensive.

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