Reading, writing and…tweeting?

1980 to present
Montreal, Québec
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To help teachers make the most of electronic devices in their classrooms, a researcher at Université de Montréal is tracking which behaviours are distracting and which ones enrich the experience.

Technology is a divisive issue among teachers. Some embrace it, finding new ways to engage their students through tablets, smartphones and laptops, while others see those devices as distractions or an invitation to cheat.

Thierry Karsenti, Canada Research Chair in Technologies in Education at Université de Montréal, knows that both opinions are right. He is investigating how a teacher’s behaviour can make the difference.

Karsenti is observing 32 tech-integrated classrooms across British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec to better understand how students are using their electronic devices. This gives him real-time data on how engaged students are in the classroom.

“The problem we have now,” he says, “is that many students are using technologies in schools, but getting them to learn with technologies is a very big challenge.”

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