Hermes Satellite Earth-Station Antenna [CSTMC 1985.0386]

1950 to 1979
Toronto, Ontario
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The Hermes satellite has an Emmy award to its credit.

Hermes changed television, and this satellite earth-station antenna helped the Canadian government win an Emmy (an award recognizing excellence in the television industry). As the ground element of the Hermes communications satellite — launched in 1976 — the antenna received TV broadcasts, including live events, relayed by the satellite. The antenna was compact and could be transported in a small carrying case, allowing television stations to report live from wherever events unfolded. The Hermes system was innovative also because it operated at high frequencies previously never used. A joint project between the Canadian government and telecommunications companies, the Communications Research Centre Canada won an Emmy for outstanding engineering achievement in 1987.

Spar Aerospace, RCA, and SED Systems were the main contractors on the Hermes program.