Open Data

Why release open data?

Ingenium is releasing open data
  • to improve access to information about Ingenium’s collections and operations
  • as part of the Ingenium’s commitment to transparency and accountability

Ingenium’s mandate includes sharing knowledge about the impact of science and technology on the lives of Canadians. With more than 100,000 artifacts in the collection, highlighting Canadian achievements in science and technology over the past 150 years, the Museums’ challenge is sharing these fascinating artifacts with as many Canadians as possible. The Government of Canada’s Open Data initiative provides a useful and accessible way of sharing the collection with everybody. 

The release of open data also supports the Government of Canada’s commitment to open science and open government.

It is hoped that with access to this data Canadians will make discoveries, and will create new and unanticipated applications. Contact Us if you have any questions, and to share your discoveries and creations.

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