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Numéro d'artefact
Blue 45
General Electric
Date De Fabrication
Apres 1938
contexte Fonction
A device used to provide illumination by means of an electric current which excites mercury vapor in a glass tube, producing short-wave ultraviolet light that then creates fluorescence, producing visible light.
contexte technique
This type of lamp used an improved blue fluorescent material, made by heating together calcium oxide or a calcium compound, such as calcium carbonate, which decomposes producing blue light at a lower temperature than was the case with the previously used tungstic oxide.
contexte Canada
An example of a lamp bulb used in Canada, part of a large and varied collection of over 7500 electrical items acquired and documented by Ontario Hydro in the 1960s. The collection was thought to be the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in Canada and was donated to the Canada Science and Technology Museum in 1992
Glass tube coated with white phosphor/ metal parts/ synthetic parts
Nombres de pièces
Fini(s) de l'artefact
White tube/ metallic and black end caps
Marques sur l'artefact
Black lettering on glass reads 'GENERAL/ ELECTRIC/? GE W [logo] W/ BLUE/ 45'
Pièce(s) manquante(s)
Appears complete
Groupe 1
Technologie d'éclairage
Catégorie 1