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Turbine model


Artifact no.
Model AKA
DAF- Indal Ltd.
Manufacturer Location
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Manufactured Date
Between 1980 - 1989
Context Function
To promote the wind power industry.
Context Technical
The model represents a Darrieus type turbine, a first generation of VAWTs [vertical axis wind turbine] that was developed by Raj Rangi and Peter South at NRC in the early 1970s and marketed in Canada and the US. This type of turbine gradually disappeared from the market and was replaced by the HAWTs [high altitude wind turbine]. The VAWTs manufactured on the NRC model are now extremely rare.
Context Canada
Several models of a Darrieus type turbine were produced by the DAF-Intal on the request of Monique Carpentier and the Canadian Wind Power Association. The models were given to cabinet ministers and politicians by the wind power lobby. The DAF-Indal produced an extra model and gave it to Monique Carpentier. Mme Carpentier has a PhD in Engineering and started her career at NRCan in 1982. She was delegated to the NRC to assist in wind power research and worked with Raj Rangi, Peter South and Jack Templin. She was the first woman in Canada involved in wind power research, and one of the first women working on wind power in the world. Mme Carpentier was a founding member of the Canadian Wind Power Association, and the director of the wind research program at NRCan. She was involved in wind power work until 1990, when she decided to move to policy research. At the time of this donation, Mme Carpentier was the Director General, Policy and Coordination Branch, Natural Resources Canada.
Gold tone synthetic (?) model mounted on square wooden base; gold tone metal plate [blank] fixed to base.
Number of Parts
Artifact Finish
Gold tone synthetic (?) model mounted on square wooden base; gold tone metal plate [blank] fixed to base.
Model AKA
Artifact Markings
None evident.
Artifact Missing
Appears complete. Section of "ladder" formerly mounted on vertical post is loose inside case.
Group 1
Category 1
15.4 cm
15.4 cm