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Telephone & terminal, computer


Artifact no.
Northern Telecom
Manufacturer Location
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Manufactured Date
Context Function
A desktop office machine that combines the voice communication function of a telephone with the data reception capabilities of a computer terminal.
Context Technical
The Displayphone was marketed as an advanced intelligent terminal aimed at the business market. It was designed to simplify the office space by combining the computer terminal and telephone and minimizing the amount of desk top occupied. It combined the voice communication function of a telephone with the data reception capabilities of a computer terminal & allowed both functions to be used simultaneously. Users could dial unit to unit or to a host computer. Envoy, an email-like application, could be accessed with this equipment. The connections of this device indicate that the telephone & computer elements were completely independent & were merely housed in the same unit. It was connected to the switched telephone network by two standard lines & included a telephone handset, a small video screen, a hide-away keyboard & a built-in modem (Ref. 2).
Context Canada
A Canadian designed & manufactured product. The Canadian company Bell Northern Research developed the concept of the Displayphone for Bell Canada; Northern Telecom subsequently designed and developed the Displayphone product. In 1981 Bell Canada conducted a market trial centred largely in Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal; Northern Telecom provided internal trial for users in the U.S.A. & Canada (Ref. 2). This example appears to have been used at one time by the Government of Canada in its Communications Canada dept. (see markings).
synthetic casing, handset, screen, keys, parts/ metal wire & parts/ cardboard information card
Number of Parts
Serial Number
Artifact Finish
buff casing & handset/ charcoal grey keypad with buff keys/ black screen/ buff keyboard with grey & buff keys
Artifact Markings
grey lettering reading "nt northern/ telecom" on casing/ white lettering on screen reads "Displayphone"/ labels on underside reads "nt northern / telecom/ Model/ NT6K00AR/ Displayphone" & "Date of Mfr. APRIL 1985"; "Made in Canada/ TELEPHONE APPLIANCES/ AND EQUIPMENT"; "MADE IN CANADA/ SER. NO. 003320/ NT6K00AR; "REL NO 42"; "U.S. PATENT NO./ 3760375/ THIS EQUIPMENT CONTAINS/ SOFTWARE PROTECTED BY/ COPYRIGHT RD 1979/ (C) 1983 Northern Telecom"; "MADE IN BELLEVILLE,/ ONTARIO , CANADA"; "Communications/ Canada/ 332 272 A"/ Northern Telecom warranty label/ FCC label/ label on casing read "TeleNews/ Toronto/ Call: 599-4323/ Outside Toronto Call: 1-800-387-9050/ Daily Newsline"/ card attached to casing reds "Dataforce/ System Station No. T-0012152-01 For service call/Pour service appelez 1-800-268-8190/ Contract No./Numero de Contrat 1E5105 Relate circuit No./ Numero de circuit associe 003320/ The Computer/ Communications/ Group/Le Groupe des/ communications/ informatique"/ black lettering on keyboard & keypad keys
Artifact Missing
appears complete
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Category 1
Subcategory 1
Group 2
Computing Technology
Category 2
Digital peripheral devices
Subcategory 2
36.1 cm
29.0 cm