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X-ray machine


Artifact no.
General Electric X-ray Corp.
Manufacturer Location
Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Manufactured Date
Circa 1925 - 1935
Context Function
Used to produce graphic images of internal structures.
Context Technical
Early, elaborate x-ray machine features both fluoroscoping (diagnostic) and radiographic (treatment) apparatus, and a table capable of both vertical and horizontal positioning. Probably used with separate curved potter-bucky. X-ray machines were able to take only single films. The unit usually has the tube mounted above, and the film below. The tube can usually be moved to various positions and angles including the horizontal position for chest films, in which case the cassette and Bucky are in a separate stand.
Context Canada
Dr. Richard Proctor, University of Manitoba Graduate who served in France starting in 1915. Previously in charge of the X-Ray department in the Strathcona Hospital in Edmonton he is noted to have changed his Meyers X-Ray machine to a Victor in 1925.
Metal, wood, glass & synthetic component parts.
Number of Parts
Artifact Finish
Metal housing painted black with chrome or brass rods & trim; green fluoroscoping screen; wood top on table.
Artifact Markings
"VICTOR/ TRADE MARK/ REG. U.S. PAT [OFF.]" appears on decal applied to frame. "COOLIDGE/ [GE logo]/ TUBE" cast in raised print on disk on fluoroscoping tube casing; "MADE IN/ USA/ VICTOR" appears on reverse. Scale on fluoroscoping tube mount divided 30-0-30 & marked "MADE IN CHICAGO, U.S.A." 2nd scale divided 90-0-90 & marked "MADE IN CHICAGO, U.S.A."; "VICTOR" appears on decal, below..
Artifact Missing
X-ray cassette holder from beneath bed.
Group 1
Medical Technology
Category 1
Subcategory 1
Radiation equipment
183.0 cm
100.0 cm