Eyes on the Skies: Managing Air Traffic in Canada

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Upcoming Exhibition
Woman with glasses looking out. Text on image: Eyes on the Skies

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is currently developing Eyes on the Skies in collaboration with NAV CANADA. This highly interactive exhibition will explore how air traffic management ensures safe travel through Canada’s increasingly busy airspace. The exhibition will highlight the systems, people, and technologies that are vital to managing air traffic in Canada. Through a mix of historical and contemporary content, as well as engaging experiences, visitors will see how Canada’s Air Navigation System has evolved in response to ever-increasing levels of air traffic.

Eyes on the Skies will open onsite at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and a travelling version of the exhibition will tour throughout the country. 

Eyes on the Skies Crowdsourcing Project

The Museum is looking for family photos, past and present, which highlight Canadian’s experiences with air travel. Baby’s first airplane flight, family reunions in airport arrivals, looking out windows at busy runways—these are all examples of the types of images the Museum hopes to present.

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