Edible Futures – Food for Tomorrow

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Temporary Exhibition
Edible Futures – Food for Tomorrow

The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum is thrilled to be hosting the world launch of Edible Futures: Food for Tomorrow, a travelling exhibition curated by the Dutch Institute of Food & Design and presented by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Edible Futures is a series of thought-provoking art installations from artists around the world that invite visitors to reflect on our shared food future. Presenting multiple perspectives on global food security issues such as climate change, declining fresh water supply, loss of biodiversity, food waste, and the gap between producers and consumers, Edible Futures asks visitors to imagine what the future of food will look like, and what role each of us might play in changing it.

Visitors choose whether they will experience the exhibition from the role of food consumer or producer. An audio guide provides two possible narratives—one for producer and one for consumer—that weave a second layer of reality around the art works. Visitors engage with the installations from the fictitious future described by the narrator. Edible Futures is an exciting and provocative exhibition for youth and adults.

The world launch will take place on April 27, 2019 at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum!

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