Food for Thought Lecture Series: Changing the food seed at a time

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Sep 26, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Presented in the Three Sisters Hall, Learning Centre
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Non-members: 10$ + tax | Members: 7$ (3$ discount with promo code) + tax.
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English only, with a bilingual Q & A.

Join Shelley Spruit  — a grain farmer, baker and chef, and ancient grain restorer — to learn about the positive changes we can make to address the challenges in our global food system. As a local producer with Against the Grain Farms, Spruit is a strong advocate for renewing the production and use of regional heritage grains:  

"Food is essential to life; it not only provides the basic sustenance for survival and nutrition, but it’s also a key element of people’s cultures,” says Spruit. “The current food economy is characterized by immense contradictions: surplus food and bountiful supermarkets stand in stark contrast to widespread hunger and malnutrition. Food miles, mounting toxicity, and the ecological hoof print mean that the global food economy rests on increasingly shaky environmental foundations. Despite the bleak landscape, Against the Grain Farms of Winchester — like other organizations around the world — are embracing “agroecology” to address the challenges facing our global food system.”

This presentation will be given in English, followed by a bilingual question-and-answer period.

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Speaker bio:

Shelley Spruit is an experienced farmer (32 years), a knowledgeable educator, and creative entrepreneur now dedicated to heritage seed restoration and stewardship. As founder of Against the Grain Farms of Winchester, she is living the daily reality of climate change. Her timely story of the restoration of heritage grains for the local economy will discuss the merging of two visions of farming: one that seeks to grow the right quantity and quality of food, with one that protects natural resources.

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