Where Do Airplanes Come From?

Where Do Airplanes Come From? School Program

Program Description

If you were inventing an airplane, what would it look like? What materials would you use? What job would your airplane have? During the tour portion of the program, your students will look at airplanes as if they were designers and engineers. Inspired by what they’ve seen, they will head over to the Aircraft Inventor’s Workshop to create and build their own model aircraft.

Curriculum Links

Grade 1 Science and Technology — Understanding Structures and Mechanisms Elementary Cycle 1 Science and Technology — The Material World

Teacher Tips

Make the most of your Museum outing with these tips to help plan your visit.


$6 per student, chaperones free (minimum fee of $120; maximum 28 students)
Includes Museum admission.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 1 (Ontario)
Elementary Cycle 1 (Quebec)
$6 per student
90 minutes
Dates Offered
September to June
Max Group Size
Program Location
At the Museum