The Need to Knead

The Need to Knead School Program

Program Description

Want to make some dough? Just like The Little Red Hen, your students will be able to thresh the wheat, grind the seed into flour, sniff the yeast, knead the dough, and taste a loaf of bread—fresh out of the oven! Students will also explore how to grow wheat and handle old-fashioned farming tools.

Curriculum Links

Grade 1 Science and Technology —
Understanding Life Systems
Elementary Cycle 1 Science and Technology
To explore the world of science and technology

Geography, History and Citizenship Education — 
To construct his/her representation of space, time, and society
Grade 3 Science and Technology —
Understanding Life Systems

Social Studies —
Heritage and Citizenship
Elementary Cycle 2 Science and Technology, Competency 2 —
To make the most of scientific and technological tools, objects, and procedures

Geography, History and Citizenship Education —
Competency 2 — To interpret change in a society and its territory

Please see the following document for more detailed curriculum links:

Ontario Quebec

Teacher Tips

Teachers and accompanying adults are encouraged to participate and assist with programs. See more pre-visit tips or download the pre-visit information PDF.


$9 per student, $1 per chaperone (group leader is free).
Includes Museum admission.
A minimum fee of $135 will be charged per group.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 1 - Grade 3 (Ontario)
Elementary Cycle 1 - Elementary Cycle 2 (Quebec)
$9 per student
120 minutes
Dates Offered
September to June
Program Location
At the Museum