Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon School Program

Program Description

In this interactive guided tour, your students will compare mythological stories of flight with the realities of today’s aerospace industry. Along the way, they will stop at various points to discuss topics such as the perspectives of different communities on aviation topics such as bush-flying.

Students will also look at how aviation has helped shaped the Canadian identity. In addition, this tour offers older students insight into Canada’s participation in international aviation and aerospace, including the country’s role during the Second World War and the Cold War, and Canadian contributions to Space exploration.

Curriculum Links

Grade 4 Social Studies — People and Environments Elementary Cycle 3 Geography, History and Citizenship Education — Quebec Society between 1900 and 1980
Grade 5 Social Studies — People and Environments    
Grade 6 Social Studies — People and Environments    

Teacher Tips

Make the most of your Museum outing with these tips to help plan your visit.


$5 per student, chaperones free (minimum fee of $100; maximum 28 students)
Includes Museum admission.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 4 - Grade 6 (Ontario)
Elementary Cycle 3 (Quebec)
$5 per student
60 minutes
Dates Offered
September to June
Max Group Size
Program Location
At the Museum