Canada and the World in Flight

Canada and the World in Flight School Program

This tour encourages your students to ask questions, make observations, and offer their thoughts about the evolution of flying machines as a form of technology. They will discuss the use of aircraft in Canada to meet the needs of its people, and how these uses have affected the development of Canada as a nation, as well as and the role of our air force—both at home and abroad.

Curriculum Links

Grade 10 Canadian and World Studies — History Secondary Cycle 2 History and Citizenship Education — Competency 1 - Examines social phenomena from a historical perspective
Grade 11 Canadian and World Studies — History    
Grade 12 Canadian and World Studies — History    

Teacher Tips

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$5 per student, chaperones free (minimum fee of $100; maximum 28 students)
Includes Museum admission.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 10 - Grade 12 (Ontario)
Secondary Cycle 2 (Quebec)
$5 per student
90 minutes
Dates Offered
September to June
Max Group Size
Program Location
At the Museum