Agriculture and the Environment

Agriculture and the Environment Educational Activity Kit

What’s that smell? With the Agriculture and the Environment educational activity kit, teach your secondary students about earthy issues like composting and sustainable agriculture as they trace the evolution of agriculture and its impact on the environment.

Through guided discussions, worksheets, experiments, and research activities, your students will:

  • analyze topsoil samples to learn about conditions essential to the growth and reproduction of plants and micro-organisms
  • build and use a vermicompost bin to learn how organic matter provides nutrients for plants and energy for micro-organisms
  • learn how transgenic crops and food products affect foreign trade relations
  • research how human activities impact aquatic ecosystems
  • learn about sustainable agriculture and its effect on soil, water, and wildlife conservation
  • test math skills to determine the percentage of Canadian organic producers and the percentage of cultivated land nationwide
  • learn about important benchmarks in the history of biotechnology research

This kit supports science and technology, language, mathematics, and social sciences curriculum requirements. It includes worksheets, knowledge tests, answer keys, and a glossary.

For additional learning opportunities associated with this kit, bring your students to the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum to participate in the Agriculture and the Environment school program.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 7 - Grade 12 (Ontario)
Secondary Cycle 1 - Secondary Cycle 2 (Quebec)
Program Location
At Your School