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Ex-NASA engineer's glitter bomb exacts revenge on porch thieves

glitter bomb
10 m
Engineering & Technology
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When U.S. engineer Mark Rober — who worked on the design of NASA’s Mars Rover — saw a pair of thieves snatch an Amazon package off of his front doorstep, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Check out this article and video to see the device Rober engineered to teach greedy thieves a lesson.

Microsoft AI Masters "Ms. Pac-Man"

An artists impression of a neural network.
7 m
Engineering & Technology
Have you ever played Ms. Pac-Man? If so... have you played over 3000 rounds of it? Because that's how long it took for a Microsoft Artificially Intelligent program called Maluuba to learn how to get the highest possible score in the game, 999999. Check out how it did it... and don't worry, there's no worry of this AI taking over the world.

Heritage Minutes: Avro Arrow

Avro Arrow
1 m
Engineering & Technology
The Avro Arrow –a triumph of aerospace achievement in Canadian history. Launched in 1953, the Avro Arrow project was innovative for the times as the most advanced and fastest interceptor aircraft.