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Mission STS-42 Crest — Roberta Bondar


Embroidered crest. Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 10.5 cm (4.9" x 4.1")

Dr. Roberta Bondar became Canada's second astronaut in space when she participated in the first International Microgravity Laboratory (IML)-I mission on board Space Shuttle Discovery.

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The STS-042 Mission featured experiments that focused on physiological changes in the weightless environment. Subjects of study included: eye motion and the inner ear; the elongation of the spine and back pain; energy expenditure during a spaceflight; the nervous system and changes in the balance system; the separation of certain kinds of molecules and cells from complex mixtures; and finally, the after-effects of spaceflight.


Date: January 22, 1992
Time: 9:52:33 a.m. EST
Site: Kennedy Space Center