Summer Camps

Music and Aviation Summer Camps

For children ages 5 to 12

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is pleased to collaborate with Sonart Music School to offer weekly Music and Aviation Summer Day Camps at the Museum, from July 3 to August 24, 2018.

Each day includes music lessons, aerodynamics demonstrations, and outdoor activities. The children also perform in a concert at the end of the week.

Campers take off on a full flight of activities artfully balanced between music and aviation. Children become familiar with aeronautical concepts, including the principles of flight, and are introduced to various musical instruments such as drums, guitar, piano, voice, and violin. Your child will be challenged to push his or her limits through fascinating activities and captivating projects.


Registration to the Music and Aviation Summer Camps at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum is currently live.

Register here

For more information, please visit or call 1-844-383-CAMP.

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