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Ride the Redbird

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
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Ride the Redbird

Earn your wings in the Museum’s immersive Redbird FMX flight simulator! Strap yourself into the fully enclosed cockpit, take the controls, and soar into the wild blue yonder. Experience the astonishing realism of the latest in advanced flight-simulator technology, used in training pilots around the world.

Redbird FMX Simulator Options

First Flight — $19.99*

Curious what it feels like to pilot an airplane? Tempted to try, but afraid to leave the ground? Here’s your chance to fly a circuit over the Museum in our simulator and get a feel for the real thing!

  • 5-minute briefing
  • 10 minutes in simulator

Day-Tripper — $39.99*

Tired of long airport lines and extra baggage fees? Pilot your own plane and fly worry-free to the destination of your choice! Choose from over 40,000 airports around the world, or let our instructors suggest a favourite locale — we hear Paris is lovely this time of year!

  • 5-minute briefing
  • 25 minutes in simulator

Extreme Airports! — $79.99*

Ready for a bigger challenge? Runways of ice or sand, as well as cliffs, mountains, and erratic weather await you at some of the most extreme airports in the world. How many can you conquer? You can also choose a destination of your own from over 40,000 airports around the world.

  • 5-minute briefing
  • 50 minutes in simulator
  • 5-minute debriefing

*Fees do not include taxes, and are subject to change without notice. Museum admission not included.

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is pleased to offer you the latest in flight simulator training aboard its Redbird.

Reservations and Gift Certificates

Purchase your ticket at the admission desk on the day of your visit, or reserve a minimum of seven business days in advance by calling 613-991-3053 or emailing contact@IngeniumCanada.org from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Looking for the perfect gift? Purchase a Day-Tripper or Extreme Airports Gift Certificate and let a loved one enjoy the thrill of flight! Available at the admission desk, or by calling 613-991-3053.

To get the most out of your Redbird flight, we recommend that you be at least 12 years of age and 5 feet or taller.