Flights, Dreams and the Imagination

A historic moment: the first piloted flight in history, 21 November 1783. <i>Le livre d'Or de la Conquête de l'Air,</i> 1909, p. 18-19.
Lincoln Beachey's Curtiss Pusher R, Winnipeg, Manitoba, July 1914.<br /> (CAVM 1483)
The international aircraft exhibition held in Paris, 1913.<br /> (AH S-52-B)
Count Jacques de Lesseps's Blériot monoplanes seen at the Montreal air meet, 1910.<br /> (CAVM 1936)
James J. Ward's Curtiss Pusher R <em>Shooting Star</em> shown at the Canadian Industrial Exhibition in Winnipeg, Manitoba, July 1912.<br /> (CAVM 14020)
Spectators watch an aircraft in flight at the Toronto air meet, 1910.<br /> (CAVM 20713)
<em>Come Fly With Me.</em> Painting by Robert W. Bradford.<br /> (AS0041.001)
Advertisement for Kodak using an aircraft illustration. <i>Montreal Daily Star,</i> Thursday, 23 June 1910, p. 18.
Advertisement in a Montreal's <i>La Patrie,</i> supplement, which young readers could use to build a simple toy aircraft (Blériot). <i>La Patrie,</i> Thursday, 14 April 1910, p. F.
A cartoon featuring  Buster Brown published in <i>La Patrie</i>, Saturday, 16 January 1909, p. 8.
"An excellent monoplane capable of long flights" from <i>The Boys' Book of Model Aeroplanes</i>, 1910, p. 150.
80th Canadian Training Squadron, Camp Borden, Ontario, 1917-1918.<br /> (CAVM 1381)
The Canadian air ace Raymond Collishaw seated in cockpit of a Sopwith Triplane.<br /> (CAVM 19781)
Two Canadian First World War heroes, William Avery "Billy" Bishop (left) and William G. Barker (right).<br /> (CAVM 8069)
Canada's Bill "Dare-Devil" Landrigan performs stunts in Curtiss JN-4 “Canuck” during air show, August 1919.<br /> (CAVM 22755-B)
Charles A. Lindberg with his <em>Spirit of St. Louis airplane</em>.<br /> (CAVM 18383)
Amelia Earhart at Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, before embarking on her solo transatlantic flight, 20 May 1932.<br /> (CAVM 4106)
Bush pilot D.S. Bondurant (left) with A. Herbert on a Canadian Airways Limited Curtiss HS-2L flying boat.<br /> (CAVM 1529)
Portrait of well-known bush pilot Wilfrid Reid "Wop" May.<br /> (CAVM 2341)
C.H. "Punch" Dickins standing on the float of a Fokker Universal.<br /> (CAVM 20908)
Stuart Foley flying with the Aeroclub of Sea Island.<br /> (CAVM 22398)
Vivianne Roberge, a member of the "Flying Seven", a women's flying club formed in the 1930s in British Colombia.<br /> (CAVM 22370)
<i>Armstrong Whitworth Siskin IIIA.</i> Painting by Robert W. Bradford.<br /> (1967-0894-001)
Portrait of the Royal Canadian Air Force  detachment that performed in the Trans-Canada Air Pageant, 29 June 1931.<br /> (CAVM 31817)
The St-Hubert Air Pageant, near Montreal, Quebec, 4 October 1929.<br /> (CAVM 32506)
Pilot Godfrey Dean stands in front of a Pitcairn PCA-2 autogiro.<br /> (CAVM 11043)
Pilots and actors pose in front of the Sopwith Snipe used in a scene from the movie <em>Hell's Angels</em>, produced by Howard Hughes, 1930.<br /> (CAVM 11893)