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Build Your Own International Space Station

The Earth pictured from above the International Space Station. The ISS has the light of the sun shining on the solar panels. The Earth is a light blue, and has wispy clouds across its surface. The darkness of space is shown at the top of the image, above the Earth.

Put together your own International Space Station by cutting and pasting the different parts of this incredible exploration station!

What you need

  • A print out of the ISS sheet and the sheet with the different parts of the station
  • Crayons, pencil crayons, or markers
  • Scotch tape, double-sided tape, or double-sided foam tape
  • Scissors

Make it

  1. Use crayons, pencil crayons, or markers to decorate the various pieces of the ISS. This space station is mostly white, but you can get creative and make it as colourful as you’d like!
  2. Using the sheet with the different ISS parts, carefully cut out all of the components (following the outer lines).
  3. Match the different components to the dotted line areas on the ISS sheet, then tape them in place. Give your creation a three-dimensional look by using the double-sided foam tape to stick the components to the station.


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Canada Aviation and Space Museum
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