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Connecting Flight

Connecting Flight School Program

Please note that on site school programs are unavailable until further notice. Stay tuned for the launch of our new virtual field trips.

Program Description

During this interactive guided tour, your students will hear about early dreams of flight across different cultures, explore the ideas of aircraft inventors, and discover how air travel has affected life for people in different parts of Canada.

Students in Grade 1/Elementary Cycle 1 will practice map-reading using the museum’s floor plan, and learn how aircraft have helped overcome the challenges of Canada’s geography. Older students will discuss aeronautics in greater depth, exploring how people developed and improved aircraft to meet various needs.

Curriculum Links

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Grade 1 Social Studies — People and Environments Elementary Cycle 1 Geography, History and Citizenship Education — Competency - To construct his/her representation of space, time and society
Grade 2 Social Studies — People and Environments    
Grade 3 Social Studies — People and Environments    

Teacher Tips

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$5 per student, chaperones free (minimum fee of $100; maximum 28 students)
Includes Museum admission.

Program Details

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 1 - Grade 3 (Ontario)
Elementary Cycle 1 (Quebec)
$5 per student
60 minutes
Dates Offered
On site school programs are unavailable until further notice.
Max Group Size
Program Location
At the Museum