Simplex Electric Co. Electric Range

Simplex Electric Co. Electric Range

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This range was part of Ontario Hydro’s Museum of Electrical Progress collection, which was transferred to the national collection in 1992. A woman from a prominent Ontario family had donated the range to Ontario Hydro. 

Technical history:

This is an early example of a commercial electric range. Its burners are reminiscent of hot plates, which were very popular at the time. The range has individual element controls and a heat gauge on the oven door, which gave the cook more control over the temperature.


This range may have been used at a banquet organized by Sir Adam Beck to celebrate the first public delivery of electricity in Ontario. The banquet, held in Berlin (now Kitchener), showcased cooking on electric ranges like this one, to convince people to connect to the new public utility.

Canada Science and Technology Museum
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Simplex Electric Co.
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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
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