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Food for Thought Lecture Series: Cricket farming: A new source of protein

Would you like crickets with that? Think outside the lunchbox and learn how food-grade crickets are farmed and prepared! Join Darren Goldin of Entomo Farms for a fascinating look at this emerging food trend, which represents a great source of protein and a possible solution to food sustainability issues around the world.

Entomophagy – the practice of eating bugs – is widespread; insects feed about two billion people per day. Eaten whole, or ground into powders and pastes, insects are an increasingly important source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Named one of the top Food Trends of 2017, edible insects are making their way into menus in a multitude of restaurants.

Get your tickets today – and find out what all the ‘buzz’ is about!

The presentation will be in English only with a bilingual Q & A.


Reservation required: $8 + tax

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