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Food for Thought Lecture Series: Have your ale and eat it too: Beer as an agricultural product

Join a beer expert and take a fascinating look at beer as an agricultural product! Christopher Wooding of Ironwood Organics will explore the link between soils, biodiversity, agronomy, climate change, and your local beer. Learn the fundamentals of barley, malting, and brewing, and take a journey through beer’s history – from Frederick the Great to Charles Saunders and the Dominion of Canada – to the great beer renaissance!

All this talk of beer may make you thirsty! Thankfully, our friends at Dominion City Brewing Co. will be serving up some tasty suds throughout the evening (cash bar).

Ironwood Organics is an organic grower of landrace grain in eastern Ontario, cultivating cereals including heritage wheat, oats, rye, and barley. Diversified with a small hops yard, a hazelnut orchard, and some forest permaculture, the farm is working towards climate-ready agriculture.

Wooding is the miller at the Old Stone Mill, a 200-year-old grist mill in Delta, Ontario. They also supply grain, adjuncts, and hops to the craft beer and distilling market. Other farm projects include heritage potatoes, thatching straw, and micro-malting. Wooding’s previous work in the field of Geographic Information Systems shaped his view of the interconnectedness of the soil, the environment, food, health, diversity, resiliency – and ultimately sustainability.

The presentation will be in English only with a bilingual Q & A.


Reservation required: $8 + tax

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