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Bug Day

Did you know that many insects are beneficial to humans?  On Saturday, September 26th, the museum is host to the Entomological Society of Ontario for their annual Bug Day event.  Visitors are invited to learn all about the fascinating world of insects from world renowned bug experts.  The museum will be buzzing with numerous activities, including: a live insect zoo, a guided insect expedition, cockroach races, kids insect crafts, and much more.

This is your chance to meet real scientist and ask all the questions you’ve ever had about bugs! Also, join museum staff as they introduce you to our bee colony, learn how to attract pollinators, discover fun facts about worms and play an animal habitat game.  Our younger visitors will enjoy getting creative as they make and taste delicious snacks that look like bugs, as well as play a game of bug bingo, and face painting.  Join us for this exciting day as we venture into the bug world! 

Enjoy Free Admission thanks to a generous donation from the Ottawa Field-Naturalists Club.

Activities offered by the Entomological Society of Ontario:

  • Live insect zoo
  • Guided insect expeditions
  • Insect cooking / eating
  • How to make an insect collection
  • How to identify insects
  • Discover microscopic insects
  • Cockroach races
  • Kids insect crafts
  • Face painting
  • And much more!

Museum Demonstrations:

“Looks like Bugs” Snacks (10:00 and 1:30)

Visitors are invited to help prepare, create and sample delicious snacks made to look like bugs. Interesting bug facts will be shared during the demonstrations. The recipes are guaranteed 100% insect free!

Animal Habitats (10:30)

All creatures big and small need a home to live in which is called a habitat. There are many different types of habitats. Come play this fun habitat game and learn about where some animals and bugs live and what they need in order to survive.

“Green Grasshopper” Smoothie (11:30 and 2:30)

Visitors are invited to help prepare and sample a delicious healthy green smoothie. The recipe is guaranteed 100 % insect free!

Discover the Bee Colony (3:00)

Learn about the bee life cycle, how bees turn nectar into honey, and why many plants rely on them to produce fruits and seeds. Visitors are invited to taste and compare a variety of honeys.

Afternoon Milking (4:00)

The milking of the Museum’s dairy cows takes place twice daily. Over the course of this demonstration, visitors will be impressed by the technologies used in modern dairying as they see the herdspeople milk the entire herd. A Museum guide will be on site to explain the process and to answer questions.

Other demonstrations:

Rabbit Care – Poultry House (9:30)

Meet the Chickens – Poultry House (2:00)


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