Vermicomposting 101: Learn to Compost indoors with worms

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Vermicomposting 101: Learn to Compost indoors with worms

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
DateMay 7, 2021
Time1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Two hands are outstretched over an open vermicomposting bin holding a small heap of a soil-like substance with small, red worms in it.
Virtual (Zoom)
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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FREE! Please note registration is required.
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This presentation is in English, with simultaneous translation into French. It will be followed by a bilingual Q-and-A session.

Have you ever considered your food waste as a tool to fight climate change? With vermicomposting, you can help the planet while making “black gold” for your plants. It’s a low-fuss solution — available in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Join Renée-Claude Goulet, Science Advisor for the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, and special guest Akil Mesiwala, founder of The Box of Life for a fun, informative Zoom session about vermicomposting. They will show you how easy it is to build your own worm-powered kitchen composter at home. You'll also get to know the residents of the bustling ecosystem inside your worm bin — and learn how to care for your adopted worms.

This webinar is geared to ages 12 and up, and is ideal for anyone interested in learning about composting with worms.

A word from our guest

Standing in front of a wooden wall, a man with black hair, black glasses and black t-shirt smiles widely at the camera

Hi! My name is Akil!

I'm the founder of The Box Of Life and a climate warrior like many of you reading this. I feel anxious, frustrated, and saddened by the lack of action of our communities towards fighting climate change, so I decided to do something about it.

The Box of Life provides a simple, convenient, and appealing home composting solution that allows everyone from homeowners and renters to dramatically reduce their waste and produce the world’s highest quality living soil without bugs or odour.

What started as an at-home, vermicomposting experiment a few years ago has now turned into my full-time profession that I'm really passionate about! I do this because I believe in the power of earthworms in reshaping our relationship with food waste and rekindling our love for nature.

I hope that your composting journey, whatever the reason might be, can bring about some positivity and joy in your life.